Charter of Demands

Charter of Demands

Five acres of land for every rural landless SC and ST family in fulfilment of the unfulfilled pre-independence nationalist goal of “Land to the Tiller”.

Two Hundred yards land to every landless family in urban areas for households and toilets.

Equal ownership of Women over land.

Renewed efforts to complete the process if surveying, marking and handing over physical possession of the land with land title to the SCs and STs within six months.

All disputed cases of land acquired under the Agriculture Land Ceiling Acts shall be decided by setting up Exclusive

Government shall declare principles of land holding in consultation with the wider sections of the society, ensuring participation from organizations, national platforms, elected representatives, interest groups and eminent individuals from the SCs, STs, minorities and other vulnerable sections such as single/widowed women.

Land Ceiling Act is implemented strictly.

Central Law prohibiting any others from buying and/or occupying or possessing any land of the SCs; tightening existing regulations regarding tribal lands so as to unequivocally prohibit acquisition or possession or occupation of tribal lands by others and enacting similar legislation’s for tribal lands in States where they do not exist, strict implementation and providing for immediate confiscation of lands bought or occupied or possessed by Non-SCs/Non STs in contravention of these laws for distribution among SCs/STs.

Amend the new land acquisition and resettlement act, to fully preserve the total extent of lands with the SCs and STs.

Collective farming by groups of women and SCs/STs should be encouraged through appropriate incentives.

The Dalits and the Adivasis should not be evicted in the name of Development Projects.

According to the Right to Forest Act, the STs should be given right over the land harvested by them without any delay. There should be no excuse in this regard.

If it at all becomes necessary to acquire land of the SCs and STs, their rehabilitation should be the first charge of the project/scheme.

It has been observed that during the flood relief operations by the State and Central government, the flood-affected SCs/STs are often denied and discriminated in providing relief and rehabilitation. We request that organizations representing their interests be involved/consulted in such relief and rehabilitation operations.


All disputed cases of land acquired under the Agriculture Land Ceiling Acts shall be decided by setting up an Exclusive Special Fast Track Land Courts on priority basis.

The government has huge land under its possession under various categories. All these categories shall be merged for the purpose of allotting agriculture land to the landless people.

The Committee of Governors, set up by the then President Dr K.R. Narayanan, had, in its report found that there is adequate Government land available for distribution for all rural landless SC and ST families. A similar finding in respect to Andhra Pradesh was made by the Koneru Ranga Rao Committee in its report in 2006.

We demand the implementation of these reports.

Landless workers/artisans living in the areas of acquisition should be given proper compensation, even if they do not have any land in the said area as their means of livelihood gets affected.

Creation of an SC and ST land bank(s), to buy land at market rates from SCs and STs who are forced to sell their lands. Make these lands available to other SCs and STs.

A Land Reforms Committee should be constituted by the government under the leadership of SC/ST activists to guide the government on land distribution. Special Track Land Courts on priority basis.