Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission


NACDAOR’s vision is to build a Prabuddha Samaj (Enlightened Society) based on the principles of dignity, justice, equality, freedom and fraternity. NACDAOR strives for ecological balance and peace and works towards equal access and rights over resources and services, without any prejudice, discrimination or exclusion on any basis, including caste, class, race, gender, age, religion, abilities, regions, language or property. It strives for a society where human rights and equal dignity of all are respected and there is no place for exploitation or oppression.


NACDAOR’s mission is to build a strong emancipatory movement of Dalits and other disadvantaged sections in India, which can re-structure the existing social-economic-political-cultural structures in line with the aspiration and dreams of Dalits Adivasis and other disadvantaged communities.
work primarily focuses on the Scheduled Castes (SC’s), Scheduled Tribes (ST’s), Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEBCs), Minorities and other socially excluded sections of Indian Society, which have been largely identified as disadvantaged groups in India’s Constitution.