Ashok Bharti
Member and Ex-Chairperson of NACDAOR
Founder member and ex-chairperson of NACDAOR (1995), Ashok Bharti has worked in Indian Engineering Services with the Government of India till 2007. He founded and headed National Confederation of Dalit and Adivasi Organizations (NACDOAR) in 2001. Presently he is looking after CADAM and NACDOAR in an advisory capacity. Using this collective voice under the leadership of Bharti; NACDOAR successfully influenced the government’s Development Planning and Annual Budget to include plans for the Dalit community. He has spearheaded studies on the status of Dalits, contributed valuable academic information. His work has given Dalit people a national platform to campaign for a more inclusive society, fighting against discrimination and injustice based on caste, creed or gender. Bharti has been working for the emancipation of Dalits, the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and the other backward classes from their prescribed roles as the bottom of the hierarchy by trying to bridge the gap between the marginalized, the private sector and the government. He has addressed the lack of communication by bringing together stakeholders from NACDAOR, the government, private sector and international community in conferences at different spaces. He has been taking forward the agenda by visualizing and spearheading various campaigns and projects for inclusive education, nutrition, rural development, technology employment, entrepreneurship, market and services. He has been in negotiation with the service providers (NDPL) to gain accessible, reliable and fair services such as electricity in Delhi slums. The Bundelkhand Shiksha Abhiyaan, MNREGA Mazdoor unions, Fair Share in Private Sector, Shiksha Adhikaar Yatras and Rozgar Adhikaar Yatras are some of the important initiatives that Bharti has initiated over the years under able leadership. He is also the Founder of World Dignity Forum (2004) and has the distinction of being an Ashoka Fellow (2008). He has been a member of the Steering Committee for the 12th Five Year Plan. He campaigned on behalf of Dalits for Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015. He was member-in-advisory on “Post 2015 UN consultations on inequalities” coordinated by UNICEF and UNWOMEN. He is also the founder of Global Task Force on Socially Excluded and the Global Council Member of Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP). He was invited to participate in the first Global Forum on Leadership for shared societies organized by Club Madrid. He has addressed the UN General Assembly High-Level Event on Millennium Development Goals at UN headquarters, New York, 2008 and has been awarded Care Millennium Award by CARE, Deutschland-Luxemburg in 2011 for his outstanding work on MDGs.
Tarapada Pradhan
Project Lead
Tarapada Pradhan has work experience of more than 10 years with different organizations as a Development Professional. He has managed action-based programmes related to intervention for Dalit and Adivasi economic rights, promotion of child-centric education in Jharkhand, capacitation of youth from marginalised communities, promotion of socio-economic empowerment of women from margins, promotion of sustainable livelihood practices. His work with different communities and organisations has given him opportunities to develop his capabilities in network building, advocacy with Constitutional bodies, research, capacity building, preparing campaign materials, training modules, manuals, project documentation, management etc. He has the ability to understand socio-economic surroundings and has remarkable performance in teamwork. He is responsible and is particular about time management in the workplace. Before joining NACDAOR, Tarapada was involved for five years of Budget Analysis and Research with NCDHR with a special focus on the analysis of SCSP and TSP Budget of union and state budget, and budget tracking of various development schemes operational in states. In addition, he was involved in coordinating work in states and developing advocacy materials. In the early years of his professional career, Tarapada was involved in three years of Action Research on Child Rights, Adivasi Rights (Jal, Jangal, and Jamin) issues in Jharkhand, Odisha, and West Bengal. He has managed anti-dam, anti-displacement, and forest rights movement for two years as a Campaign Coordinator in Jharkhand and worked as a network-coordinator to promote Adivasi Self-rule in Jharkhand.
Ajatshatru Upadhyay
Project Lead
An IT professional with more than 14 years of experience, Ajatshatru Upadhyay has worked heavily in the field of software/web application development. In 2014, he left the corporate world and joined NACDAOR. Currently, he is leading a CSR project called BridgeIT. His core competencies included project management, people management, training, and IT. He is an energetic professional with experience and proven track record of success in program management, project implementation, rural entrepreneurship development, training facilitation, strategic planning, stakeholder management, vendor management. He is also an expert in designing and implementing education, digital literacy, entrepreneurship programs. He is also seasoned in advanced IT tools & technologies including website development and maintenance.
Anita Gujrati
Project Lead
Having completed Masters’ in Geography from Delhi University, Anita Gujrati has worked in the field of education (as a teacher, as a senior field worker, as a domain knowledge expert, as an education consultant) in various schools in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and even in Adelaide, Australia. She got associated with Centre for Alternative Dalit Media (CADAM) and National Confederation of Dalit and Adivasi Organization (NACDOAR) since 2005. Her involvement in the organisation has been in two aspects, Communication and Education. Currently, she is working as the project manager of “Samaveshi Sanchar”— a NACDAOR-Tata Communications Project that aims to harness the business skills of Dalit youths and turn them into digital entrepreneurs (adept at computing and offering digital services at affordable prices in rural areas). Apart from being involved in educational projects, Anita has also been involved in projects related to Nutrition and social empowerment of women and children in rural areas.
Shambhu Prasad
HR Head
Shambhu Prasad is Delhi-based and has been working in the social development sector handling Finance, Accounts & HR for the last 20 years. He completed his Master’s in Political Science from Delhi University. Then he worked with the Department of Education, Delhi University, for a couple of years. The project involved working with Government schools in Jahangir Puri, a resettlement colony in Delhi. Later, he joined NACDAOR and has since 1995 been working in the HR Department. Currently, he is the Head of HR in National Confederation of Dalit Adivasi Organisations (NACDAOR).
Arun Kumar
Deputy Manager – Monitoring, Evaluation and Training
Arun Kumar is an IT Graduate from Annamalai University with over 10 years of experience in leading and providing technical support (computer and smartphones) to projects and organisations. His last assignment was with an International Organisation (Trickle Up) implementing Tata Communications Ltd. supported M-Powered project in Odisha and Jharkhand. He is an expert in IT sector and has developed many applications/websites and expertise in automation of IT-based monitoring, reporting and evaluation. He also has the expertise to conduct online/offline Survey, Research and Analysis through SPSS. Currently associated with NACDAOR as a Deputy Manager, Arun will be responsible for institutionalising Monitoring, Evaluation and Training Operations of the organisation.