Our Values

Our Values


Our existence is for the cause of the Dalits and Adivasis. We are fully committed to protect, promote, and further the interests and the well-being of Dalits and Adivasis in India. They are central to our agenda, initiatives, programmes and actions. We are committed to influence the agenda, processes, programmes, initiatives and actions of the government, private sector and civil society to make them inclusive, representative and accountable. We are committed to ensuring that Dalits and Adivasis are respected, encouraged and included in the scheme of things, existing or in the future.


We are a representative body. We represent the interests of the Dalits and Adivasis locally, nationally and globally. Being a civil society platform, we represent the interests of the Dalits and Adivasis in Civil Society. We believe that the representation of Dalits and Adivasis at all levels in society, polity and economy can help India accelerate its growth and wealth creation. Representation of Dalits and Adivasis at all levels will not only help the country in overcoming extremist violence, societal conflict and tensions, but will also help in improving its Human Development Index, human rights record and global presence.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit is the bedrock of building organisations and platforms. We believe that co-operation, trust and mutual respect across the communities, religion and regions are fundamental to the Team Spirit. This requires belief in the equal dignity of all. We promote talent, trust and team entrepreneurship.

Community Focus

Being an integral part of the Dalit Adivasi Community, our expertise lies in deep understanding about the sufferings, needs and aspirations of the Dalits Adivasis. With this, we have been successful in moulding the Dalit Adivasi Agenda from emotional rhetoric to hardcore reality. We identify developmental gaps, strategic needs and required interventions to mobilize the community to complement governmental and non-governmental efforts to address these gaps and needs. We engage with community to steer short-term, long-term and lasting solutions with the help, support and mentoring of our support organisations and fellow institutions. We strongly believe that the Dalits and Adivasis need to be encouraged to overcome their self-exclusion. The collaboration of the Dalit Adivasi Community and their organisations with larger civil society, government, and private sector will help them in overcoming their exclusion.


Integrity to work leads to a better, secure and sustainable future of the community. We are honest and fair partners to our stakeholders. Promoting equal dignity of all, encouraging inclusion and striving for justice are the triple gems that we would like to have as key to our responsibility.